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Playbook for Corporate Compliance in Healthcare

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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Simple and Nimble Healthcare Compliance and Data Risk Security

Why is Corporate Compliance in Healthcare so Critical?SureShield-Online-banner-2000x350-Web-Components5-e1563475617506

The complexities of enterprise healthcare risk and compliance management continue to be a challenge. With the implementation of digital health records, growth of new digital technologies, and the introduction of new policies and regulations, challenges to protecting data and the potential of data exposure continue to expand.

This guide was created for healthcare compliance and risk management professionals in order to provide them with: 

  • an overview of new threats that have been introduced, 
  • an understanding of the changing requirements to build an effective enterprise risk management strategy and related processes,
  • guidance on what should be considered to build effective and continuous processes that will reduce risk, lower costs, and improve organizational safety, and
  • a framework of integrated components that can be considered when establishing a systems-based approach to data security and when addressing
    cyber security.